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We specialize in parts manufacturing and assembly for the medical device industry!
Our medical components could be assembled fast at site.

Strictly implement the ISO13485 medical device quality management system to ensure the adaptability, reliability and precision of components.
Quick assembly on site, eliminating the tedious verification process and ensuring the precise fit of each component.

We have multiple imported five-axis, four-axis and three-axis CNC machining centers, five-axis turning and milling complexes, and are equipped with high-precision inspection instruments such as three-dimensional and 2.5-dimensional projectors. We are deeply involved in equipment parts in the medical industry and have a wealth of With our generation assembly experience, whether it is a single part or multiple precision parts, we can provide one-stop product services from processing to assembly.

Medical Component Assembly

The parts we machine and assemble are mainly used for:

Parts of treatment equipment: 

hospital beds, gastric lavage machines, microsurgery equipment, surgical instruments, dialysis equipment, surgical robot tools, ultrasound scalpels, etc. 

Parts of diagnostic equipment: 

endoscope grasping forceps, X-ray machine, CT, MRI, ultrasonic diagnostic instrument, etc. 

Parts of monitoring equipment: 

electrocardiograph, sphygmomanometer, ventilator, monitor, etc.

It can provide CNC processing, prototype processing, five-axis processing, and rapid assembly and assembly of various parts for medical equipment.


Treatment Equipment Components


Diagnostic Equipment Components


Surgical Equipment Components


Surgical Robot Components

Experienced Medical Parts Manufacture Benefits You:

1. Processing technology of medical parts

CNC machining, lathe machining, five-axis machining, injection molding, prototyping, sheet metal processing and complete assembly.

2. Surface treatment of medical parts

Brushing, polishing, anodizing, sandblasting, laser engraving, electroplating, electrophoresis, chromating, powder coating and painting.

3. Materials that comply with Rohs, Reach, and 10993 biocompatibility

Purchase materials through formal channels and conduct 100% incoming material inspection. Provide third-party MSDS reports, Rohs, Reach and 10993 biocompatibility reports. Ensure that parts are of reliable quality, safe and stable, and materials are traceable to protect medical safety and customer rights.

4. Quickly validate and deliver products

By handing over all your medical parts to our production, customers will get one-stop service without having to communicate with multiple companies, which is more convenient and efficient. Moreover, the processed parts can be quickly verified. Whether it is a design problem or a process problem, it can be improved in the shortest time, which will save you a lot of costs.

5. Committed to providing 100% suitable parts

With the help of the ISO13485 medical device quality management system, each production link is strictly verified, and the quality testing of precision instruments such as three-dimensional, two-dimensional, altimeters, micrometers, and imagers ensures that the yield rate is guaranteed in a timely manner from manufacturing to quality inspection to shipment. Assembly of components is completed on site, ensuring each part fits precisely.

6. Support multi-variety, small-batch custom orders

The order characteristics of medical customers are small orders of multiple varieties. Without rich experience in parts processing and assembly in the medical industry, and without a general manufacturer that has formed such a production system, it will be difficult to provide precise adaptation in terms of cost and time. assembly plan.


Medical parts manufacturing


Medical parts assembly




Strictly implement ISO13485S


Quality inspection

Let AbleMed process and assemble medical parts for you starting now!


What are parts, kits, assemblies and components?

A part is the smallest unit that makes up a machine. It is made of a whole piece of metal or other materials.


A kit is composed of one or several parts mounted on one part. It is the smallest assembly unit.

The component is composed of several kits installed on a basic part.

A component is composed of several components, kits and parts mounted on a basic part. Components can complete certain and complete functions in the machine.


What are kits, assemblies, sub-assemblies, final assemblies and assemblies?

The process of assembling parts into kits is called kitting.

The process of assembling parts and kits into components is called assembly.

The process of assembling parts, kits and components into components is called subassembly.

The process of assembling parts, kits, assemblies and subassemblies into a final product is called final assembly.

Assembly is the collective name for set, assembly, partial assembly and final assembly.


What is the importance of medical parts assembly?

The assembly and assembly of medical parts is an important link in ensuring the safety and quality of equipment use. During the assembly process, the quality and quantity of each component need to be ensured, and assembly must be performed in strict accordance with standards and technical requirements.


Medical devices are very special products that are directly related to human health and medical safety. Therefore, medical devices need to be strictly controlled during the assembly and packaging process. Once there is a problem in one link, it will affect the quality and safety of the entire product.


With the development of science and technology and the continuous growth of smart medical care, medical parts assembly will also usher in new development trends in the future. Among them, automation and intelligence are important directions for the assembly of medical device parts.


How to choose a medical parts processing and assembly manufacturer?

Examine the equipment and processes of the processing and assembly factory. The assembly of medical parts requires a high degree of technology and experience. Only manufacturers with professional technical standards and rich experience can provide high-quality products.


Examine the equipment and processes of the processing and assembly factory. The assembly of medical parts requires a high degree of technology and experience. Only manufacturers with professional technical standards and rich experience can provide high-quality products.


The medical industry must choose manufacturers with ISO13485 certification. These certifications are an important factor in measuring the professionalism of processing manufacturers in the medical field, ensuring the quality of equipment and virtually saving more time and costs.

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