Medical Device Parts

Focus on precision parts for medical equipment and instruments

Manufacturing of tiny and complex high-precision parts

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AbleMed supports small batch medical parts manufacturing

We have rigorous supply chain management, providing you with a one-stop solution for components.

Manufacturing materials

AbleMed all uses high-quality raw materials, has clear traceability, and provides material reports. The materials we usually process include stainless steel SUS304, 304L, 316, 316L, 416, 430, 430F, aluminum 5052, aluminum 6061, aluminum 6063, and plastic ABS , PC, PA, POM, PP, PEEK, PEI, ceramics, alumina, zirconia, in addition, titanium alloy, copper, cobalt, alloy steel, magnesium, nickel, cemented carbide, etc.


Stainless Steel


Aluminum Alloy


Medical Plastic


Other Alloys

Application fields

We focus on the manufacturing of precision parts for the medical equipment industry. The customized parts we produce are mainly used in medical endoscopes, medical robots, surgical robots, interventional surgical instruments, medical fluid connectors, as well as high-end ventilators, infusion pumps, diagnostic instruments, etc. For medical equipment, you can learn more detailed application information on our CASE page.


Medical Endoscope


Surgical Robot


Medical Equipment


Surgical Instruments

Manufacturing process

AbleMed can provide medical partners with injection molding processing, CNC processing, prototypes, 3D printing,five-axis processing, lathe processing, sheet metal processing, medical equipment screen glass cover manufacturing, and surface treatment of parts, rapid assembly, sterile processing, etc. The entire project process strictly implements the ISO13485 system. Professional engineers can provide you with more cost-saving suggestions. You can learn more detailed process information on our Processing page.




Injection Molding


3D Printing


Sheet Metal

Manufacturing process

We have multiple imported five-axis, four-axis and three-axis CNC machining centers, high-speed drilling, five-axis turning and milling, automatic lathes, bending machines, welding and cutting equipment, and are equipped with three-dimensional and two-dimensional projectors. Image measuring instruments, material analyzers, contour monitors, and other high-precision inspection instruments. We are deeply involved in equipment parts for the medical industry. Whether it is precision, quality or craftsmanship, we have rich processing experience and can satisfy customers' dual needs of quality and delivery satisfy.


CNC Machining Center


5-Axis Turning And Milling Combined


Three Dimensions


Image Measuring Instrument

Connector parts for medical equipment


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