VHP sterilization parts
Hydrogen peroxide low temperature plasma sterilization non-fading corrosion resistant medical surface treatment.

Focusing on precision machining and surface treatment of medical parts, we offer a variety of anodizing color options such as bright black, matte black, bronze, and original colors.
The world's leading medical anodizing process, customized parts have been tested by professional sterilization equipment, and are suitable for hydrogen peroxide low-temperature plasma sterilization environment.

AbleMed provides one-stop parts solutions for the medical equipment industry. We cooperate with many well-known brands of medical endoscopes and surgical robots at home and abroad. We are familiar with the usage characteristics of medical parts. The factory strictly implements the ISO13485 medical device quality management system. , using traceable high-quality raw materials, whether in terms of precision or craftsmanship, May Medical is your best partner!

We provide parts processing and surface treatment for many customers. The anodized parts we process, after many targeted experiments and improvements, can be sterilized by low-temperature plasma with hydrogen peroxide without fading, discoloration or corrosion. Happening, these anodizing processes are not only leading in the industry, but also specifically serve the medical equipment industry!

Gloss black anodized aluminum

Gloss black anodized aluminum

Matt black anodized aluminum

Matt black anodized aluminum

Unbleached anodized aluminum

Unbleached anodized aluminum

Dark bronze anodized aluminum

Dark bronze anodized aluminum

We will conduct real hydrogen peroxide sterilization tests on surface-treated parts according to customers' actual usage requirements!

The main materials we process include:

Our current anodized materials that meet the requirements of hydrogen peroxide sterilization and do not fade include: A5052, A6061, and A6063.

Other materials and colors are also under continuous development. For specific information, click "Contact" in the upper right corner, and AbleMed will provide you with free technical support.


Do not fade

After repeated disinfection and sterilization for a long time, the original color of the parts can still be maintained.



Provides long-term protection against corrosion by forming a dense and strong oxide layer.


Biocompatibility is further improved to ensure safe use in medical applications.

Let AbleMed supply your medical anodized parts today!

 Let AbleMed supply your medical anodized parts today!

What is hydrogen peroxide low-temperature plasma sterilization?

Hydrogen peroxide low-temperature plasma sterilization is a medical device sterilization method that uses hydrogen peroxide gas under low-temperature conditions, combined with plasma technology, to completely and thoroughly sterilize the surface of the device.

This process can effectively kill a variety of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses. At the same time, due to the application of low temperature and plasma sterilization technology, it helps to maintain the integrity and material properties of sensitive equipment. This sterilization method is widely used. In the medical field, ensure that medical equipment meets high standards of disinfection requirements.

Is the surface treatment process to meet this sterilization requirement complex?

Sterilization requires a surface treatment that not only resists corrosion but also maintains the integrity of the material while avoiding possible fading or other quality issues. This is a very challenging job that requires professional optimization of parameters such as formula, process temperature, processing time, current density, etc. Most surface treatment plants will not conduct special research and development and testing for this.

The reason why AbleMed has this service is not only because we have been focusing on the medical equipment industry, but also because we have continuously cooperated with multiple suppliers to improve it, and used professional hydrogen peroxide sterilization equipment for real simulation testing, and finally made the parts meet the requirements. Hydrogen peroxide low-temperature plasma sterilization meets medical requirements for non-fading and corrosion resistance.

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