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We specialize in parts manufacturing for medical industry customers!
Our glass cover parts follow strict medical manufacturing standards in terms of precision, workmanship, and quality.

Strictly implement ISO13485 medical device quality management system and comply with RoHs and REACH regulations.

The appearance of all products is 100% fully inspected, and the dimensions are subject to AQL 0.25 sampling inspection standards.

More than 10 layers of complex technology and special screen printing technology with UV resistance of more than 1000.

We master a variety of advanced glass cover processing technologies, including high-precision special-shaped cutting, CNC precision machining, AF coating, AR coating, 3M glue/explosion-proof film lamination, multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning, physical strengthening, chemical strengthening and fully automatic printing wait. It is also equipped with stress meter, gloss meter, spectrophotometer, haze meter, accelerated aging tester, etc. Regardless of craftsmanship or quality, we are your most cost-effective choice for customized glass covers.

  Medical Glass Cover Plate Fabrication

Sunlight Readable: it could be clearly seen even under direct sunlight.
Good user experience:  the roughness offers the end user a book-like touch.
Never peel off: chemical etching processing technology, the surface AG effect will not peel off.

The main products include AG glass cover series, Corning Gorilla Glass series, high-end glass protection sheets, AF liquid glass test sheets, AR anti-reflection glass, DLC coated glass, etc.

We provide free solutions based on different project applications to help complete and optimize drawings. Provide customers with non-standard product solutions such as special-shaped panel customization, product specification parameters, etc., and can cooperate to develop new technologies for special projects, such as hole opening and slotting, laser engraving, etc.


Corning Gorilla Glass 2320


Panda Glass


Gray Glass


AG Glass G-SS70-1.9

Our glass covers (screen protection glass) are mainly used for:

Glass cover for treatment equipment: 

on screens of microsurgery equipment, surgical equipment, therapy equipment, dialysis equipment, medical robots and more.

Glass cover for diagnostic equipment: 

on screens of endoscopy equipment, experimental diagnostic equipment, ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, pathology diagnostic equipment, etc.

Glass cover of monitoring equipment: 

on the screen of electrocardiograph, blood pressure meter, blood glucose meter, oximeter, electroencephalograph, AED, etc.

We provide three major systems: cover solution design, customized mass production, and inspection and delivery. We work diligently in the field of glass cover technology research and development and application. We are a comprehensive glass cover solution provider covering AG anti-glare glass and Corning Gorilla Glass products. business.


Diagnostic Equipment


Treatment Equipment


Monitoring Equipment


Medical Endoscope

Experienced Medical Parts Manufacture Benefits You:

1. Processing technology of medical glass cover

Cutting, CNC, strengthening, silk screen printing, ultrasonic cleaning, AG anti-glare treatment, AF anti-fingerprint treatment, AR anti-reflective treatment, diamond-like treatment, glue application, film application, etc.

2. 100% high quality original glass

Corning Gorilla Glass series, high-end AG glass series.

3. Products that comply with Rohs and Reach regulations

We have experience in processing glass covers for medical instruments that come into contact with the human body. We provide third-party MSDS reports that comply with Rohs and Reach regulations. We can also make biocompatibility reports on our behalf. Ensure that parts are of reliable quality, safe and stable, and materials are traceable to protect medical safety and customer rights.

4. Provide efficient solutions

A professional technical team with more than 16 years of experience in Japanese management systems provides customers with non-standard product solutions such as special-shaped glass covers through 6 dimensions.

5. Exclusive medical quality management system

We resolutely implement the ISO13485: 2016 medical device quality management system. All products are 100% inspected for appearance, and the size is in accordance with the AQL 0.25 sampling standard. It is dedicated to various types of glass such as stress meter, gloss meter, spectrophotometer, haze meter, accelerated aging tester, etc. Control instruments.


Paper-like touch sensation


High quality glass raw materials


Strictly implement ISO13485


Quality inspection

Let AbleMed supply medical glass covers for you from now on!


What is a glass cover?

The glass cover is mainly used in the outermost layer of the touch screen. It is called Cover Lens in English and is also called strengthened optical glass, glass window, strengthened screen lens, screen protection glass, etc. The main raw material of the product is ultra-thin glass. After cutting, CNC carving, thinning, strengthening, coating, printing and other processes, it has the functions of impact resistance, scratch resistance, oil resistance, fingerprint resistance, and enhanced light transmittance.


After the glass cover is attached to the outer surface of the touch screen, it not only protects the touch screen, but also prints different colors, patterns, and markers to decorate and beautify the product. Regardless of the touch technology, Covers are essential protective components, and glass covers have gradually become the mainstream of covers due to their high light transmittance, strong scratch resistance and other characteristics.


What glass should be used in medical equipment and instruments?

There are strict requirements in the field of medical equipment. The equipment display screen must meet the standards of corrosion resistance, anti-reflection, and clear visibility, and the integrity of Corning Gorilla Glass meets the needs of this field. Compared with ordinary glass, Gorilla Glass With a low reflectance, workers can still clearly see under the strong illumination of the surgical light. The anti-glare effectively protects eyesight and provides better visual enjoyment for physical examinations.


Corning Gorilla Glass is pure, thin and has better light transmittance. It is stronger than ordinary mobile phone screens and is not easily broken under stress. The glass is dense and has high pressure resistance and strength. It has irreplaceable advantages on frequently touched devices, and Corning Gorilla Glass complies with EU product input standards. These advantages perfectly meet the needs of medical equipment and ensure medical safety.


What is Corning Gorilla Glass?

Gorilla Glass is an environmentally friendly aluminum-silicon tempered glass produced by Corning in the United States. Mainly used in smart terminal screens with high scratch resistance requirements. The predecessor of Gorilla Glass was produced by Corning in the 1960s. It is a special glass with bulletproof functions and is often used in helicopters. Under normal circumstances, unintentional damage will not cause scratches.


Gorilla Glass is used in more than 45 major brands and more than 8 billion devices around the world. Gorilla Glass is the ideal cover glass for touch screens. It's strong enough to withstand the surface pressure inherent to touch screens and thin enough to be more responsive and accurate to touch.


What is AG glass?

AG glass, also called anti-glare glass, is called Anti-glare glass in English. It is a kind of glass with special processing on the glass surface. Its characteristic is to change the reflective surface of the original glass into a matte non-reflective surface (the surface is uneven), making it have a lower reflectivity than ordinary glass. It uses technology to create a clear and transparent visual effect, allowing viewers to experience to better sensory vision.


The refined and specialized high-end customization of AG glass will have huge potential and broad development prospects. In high-end and cutting-edge electronic fields, such as medical optical instruments, displays, precision medical equipment, etc., the application of AG glass will exert even greater advantages.

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