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2022 New Year CEO Speech: Let's Unite and Move On

Hello my friends!


This is Musk. It’s time 5 p.m. December 31, 2021. I'm in our factory at Dongguan, China. I'm here together with my colleagues and ready to welcome the coming new year.


2021 is going to pass away. When recalling the whole year to describe it, I suppose these key words suitable: challenge, ordeal and hope.


2021 is the 16th year since I started business. AbleMed Canada Office is put into operation officially in this year. Before that, my team and I has paid several years of unremitting efforts, and finally we did it as an important milestone in our business. We know that at the same time, there are new challenges, new markets and new business environment waiting for us before ahead.



We all know, COVID-19 is still a key topic of globalization. It has thoroughly affected each of us and changed our life style. I believe all of us has no double to agree, get-together and unite with all forces are the most effectual way to fight with the epidemic, we have never understood the meaning of "community of common destiny for all mankind" more deeply than we do now.


I would like to say that the power of individuals is insignificant. We can only become stronger through closer participation, interaction and cooperation. This is our magic weapon to overcome the epidemic, as well as the most lasting law in business world.


The New Year of 2022 is about to open its first page. We are both readers and writers of this book. My dearest business partners, no matter where you and I are on the earth, at this moment, our expectations for the future and unremitting determination connect us closely, that leads us to write jointly a new glory in 2022.


I sincerely wish you and your family: Happy New Year! May Health and Happiness are around with you!

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