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AbleMed CEO Musk.Lyu Interviewed by 《South China Morning Post》

AbleMed CEO Musk.Lyu accept《South China Morning Post》news interview

Excerpts from the interview on our globalisation strategy by our CEO - Musk Lyu, founder of Dongguan-based Kanou Group, has turned to a strategy to become more international, after seeing orders in the precision machining part of his business fall by nearly 40 per cent compared with last year.

The group has been mainly producing precision mechanical parts and high-end touch screen glass for foreign customers in the automotive, semiconductor, medical and industrial CNC industries for decades.

“Once lost, it will be lost forever. I’m quite sure about it. What we have to do is to keep up with the changes in the supply chain and take the road of internationalisation,” he said.

He decided to seek new opportunities in electric vehicles and medical robotics, set up an office in Singapore and build a plant in Vietnam to move closer to his clients.

AbleMed CEO Musk.Lyu

“Our investment strategy is actually quite straightforward. We plan in advance and lay out a stronghold where our customers are likely to shift and invest, so we can respond to customers and obtain new orders faster than the previous business model, which was centred in China,” he said.

“Our next step should be India, and we’ve recently hired a Japanese colleague who will be responsible for developing the Indian market next year.”

US-China relations depend on strong economic ties, says US commerce chief during talks in Beijing

On the other hand, he has no plan to expand production capacity at home over the next decade. Instead he intends to focus on more overseas branches.

“We are aiming to become a local brand or a local company in whatever market we are in, so as to make Kanou Group more internationalised,” Lyu said.

Article Source:《China’s exporters navigate bumpy road back overseas amid turbulent

economic recovery》

AbleMed a company under Kanou Group, is a manufacturer that specializes in processing various precision parts for the medical equipment industry. It can provide injection molding, sheet metal, CNC processing, lathe processing, five-axis processing and 3D printing for medical equipment parts. The use is traceable. We use stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, engineering plastics and other materials, strictly implement the ISO13485 medical quality management system, and are especially good at processing small and complex high-precision parts for advanced medical equipment.

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