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Advantages of CNC machining of surgical robot parts in the medical field

Overview of surgical robots:


Surgical robots have evolved from early experimental stages to large-scale commercial applications, among which the Da Vinci surgical robot (DAVinci) is an important milestone in the field of surgical robots. At present, surgical robot technology is constantly evolving, and its application fields are also developing rapidly, including cardiac surgery, urology surgery, gynecological surgery, etc., providing doctors with more operating precision and less trauma to patients, and also helping the development of remote surgery. .


1. Precision parts on surgical robots:


The precision parts of surgical robots include multiple movable robotic arms, high-resolution optical imaging systems, terminal surgical tools, sensors and control systems, as well as precision bearings and transmission systems, high-precision motors and precision gears. These components provide the high degree of precision, visual feedback and fine control doctors require during surgical procedures, while maintaining safety and ensuring good surgical results.

AbleMed precision machining of surgical robot parts

2. Advantages of CNC processing surgical robot parts:


Consistency: CNC machining can maintain consistency throughout the entire production process, reducing the possibility of human error and ensuring that every part is produced with the same accuracy.


Complex geometries: CNC machines are capable of manufacturing complex geometries, which is also very important for various parts and components of surgical robots.


Automation: CNC processing is automated, which can significantly reduce manual operations, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and reduce the risk of human errors.


Material adaptability: CNC machine tools are suitable for a variety of materials, including metals, plastics and composite materials, so they can meet the different material needs of surgical robot parts.


Programmability: CNC machine tools can easily adapt to the manufacturing requirements of different parts by modifying the control program, improving production flexibility.


Quality control: Monitoring and feedback systems during CNC machining help ensure that parts meet specified quality standards and improve quality control capabilities.


High efficiency: CNC machine tools are often able to cut at higher speeds, which increases production efficiency and reduces manufacturing time.

AbleMed 5-axis machining of medical robot arm

3. How to choose a CNC processing factory for surgical robot parts?


Choosing a surgical robot parts processing manufacturer requires consideration from many aspects. The selected manufacturer must have rich experience and professional knowledge in processing surgical robot parts, have the technical ability and material processing capabilities to adapt to surgical robot parts, and have a strict quality control system, such as "ISO13485:2016", and suitable machinery and equipment. In other aspects, you must also consider delivery time, cost-effectiveness and the geographical location of the manufacturer, as well as whether effective communication and cooperation can be established. Ultimately, only by considering these factors can you choose a surgical robot parts processing manufacturer that suits your needs.




AbleMed is a source processing factory for surgical robot parts, focusing on manufacturing precision parts for medical robots and orthopedic surgical robots. Based on a strict medical device quality management system, we all use transparent and traceable raw materials to manufacture products. We currently provide parts support for many medical robot brands.


Our team of engineers have deep technical backgrounds and outstanding creativity. They are not only proficient in mechanical design, electrical engineering and computer science, but also have expertise in the medical industry. Their experience in designing and manufacturing precision parts, along with a keen focus on patient safety, ensures that our products occupy a leading position in the field of medical robotics.

common problem:


What are the famous surgical robot brands?


Some well-known surgical robot brands include: Da Vinci Surgical System, Medtronic StealthStation, Mazor Robotics, Auris Health, Stereotaxis, CMR Surgical ), Hui'an Intelligent Manufacturing (minimally invasive surgical robot),

Ji Rui Medical Surgical Robot and so on.


What are the common processing equipment for CNC processing?


CNC processing equipment (equipment list) is a computer numerical control machine tool used to manufacture parts, including CNC milling machines, CNC lathes, CNC drilling machines, CNC grinders, wire-cut EDM machines, CNC punch presses, CNC laser cutting machines, CNC turning and milling compound machine tools and CNC machining center, etc.

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