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Where is KANOU heading in 2024?


After 8 mths with KANOU, I can see that KANOU is evolving fast from a manufacturer to a Global OEM company.


Firstly, let’s talk about us being a manufacturer, at the lowest end of the food-chain. Even as a manufacturer producing components, KANOU today is constantly challenging the status quo, pushing ourselves to the next level, exploring niche markets, confronting new frontiers.


KANOU do not just want to be a component maker, going into price war with the masses.

We want to be a partner where customers come to us for a high-quality precision product where the masses cannot support.


With this direction, not only KANOU will grow but we are also pulling our supporting partners to grow with us such that we have a closely knitted competent ecosystem to provide for our customers.


Next, OEM services, we have been doing simply assemblies all this while, and we do not want our value-add to just stop at a component or even a simple assembly. We can do much more and we yearn to provide customer with a one stop shop solution, not just the finish good, but the finish good with complete commercial packaging for immediate distribution for sales.


Next, distributorship, since we have offices globally, our closely knitted team is working on various kinds of distributorship opportunities, especially tackling the medical market. This activity is still at the infant stage but we are taking huge baby steps to make it a reality.


The efforts put up by the team in KANOU has such a tremendous positive energy that KANOU will eventually shine as a Global Company and I believe KANOU will eventually be well-known worldwide.


Raymond Chew



Medical equipment

Precision manufacturing and

Touch screen glass

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