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Apr 2024 – SGK Blog – “What are our value-added services in Vietnam?”


When Vietnam is mentioned, some may still have the impression that the manufacturing industry is lacking behind with a few major concerns - a shortage of skilled workers, technical capabilities, language barriers.


To correct the above mindset, KANOU can vouch that with our strong partnerships with the local setups in Vietnam, Vietnam has proven to be a manufacturing force not to be reckoned with.



KANOU has built up a base of strong partners within the past 12 months, mostly with Vietnamese setups who were Japanese trained and has the Japanese manufacturing DNA in them, this trait goes inline with KANOU’s manufacturing principles and is a perfect match for us.


A list of services which KANOU can provide in Vietnam, this list is not exhaustive, we are constantly expanding our partnerships – 


Spring coiling

Machining & Turning

Plating – Gold, Silver, Nickel, Zinc, Copper, Anodizing (various colors)



For customers who still have concerns in dealing directly with Vietnamese setup, KANOU can be a good window to our customers too ensuring the communication, technical & quality gaps are closed. We are always ready to have our team on-site to rectify & resolve any urgent issues.


With this direction in South East Asia, not only KANOU will grow, we will also building up supporting partners to grow with us such that we have a closely knitted competent ecosystem to provide for our customers.


Last but not least, Yes, KANOU IS GROWING!


Raymond Chew



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