Medical endoscope parts manufacture
By: AbleMed Date: 2023-10-09

AbleMed CEO Musk.Lyu Interviewed by 《South China Morning Post》

AbleMed CEO Musk.Lyu accept《South China Morning Post》news interviewExcerpts from the interview on our globalisation strategy by our CEO - Musk Lyu, founder of Dongguan-based Kanou Group, has turned to a strategy to become more international, after seeing orders in the precision machining part of his business fall by nearly 40 per cent compared with last year

By: AbleMed Date: 2023-10-07

How much does tolerance affect medical device component costs?

Tolerance is the allowable range of dimensional deviation based on the shape, fit, and function of a component. This term is used to define the accuracy of component measurements. It defines the amount of variation or deviation allowed in the base measurements, especially for CNC machined parts. Stricter CNC part tolerances can have a significant impact

By: AbleMed Date: 2023-09-23

Robotics in the field of CNC automation of medical parts

With major innovations in the use of digital robotics and automated production, from precision machining to assembly line production, manufacturing is also shifting towards automation. These technologies are pushing precision, quality and efficiency to new standards.CNC robotics is a process that utilizes robotics and automation to perform various machining

By: AbleMed Date: 2023-09-21

The difficulty of processing medical equipment parts with titanium alloy

Due to its excellent biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, low conductivity, and physiological pH value, titanium alloys have various applications in the medical industry. Titanium parts used in the medical industry include conical, straight or self tapping screws, dental implant screws, skull screws for skull fixation systems, spinal fixation rods, connec...

By: AbleMed Date: 2023-09-19

What are medical sheet metal parts, sheet metal materials, and processing techniques!

Metal sheet metal processing of parts is called sheet metal processing. Sheet metal parts are sheet metal hardware parts that are processed through stamping, bending, stretching, and other methods. A general definition is a part whose thickness remains unchanged during the processing. Correspondingly, they are cast parts, forged parts, machined parts, etc. S...

By: AbleMed Date: 2023-09-15

What materials have good biocompatibility and are widely used

According to the interpretation of the ISO conference, "biocompatibility refers to the performance of living tissues in reacting to inactive materials. It generally refers to the degree of compatibility between materials implanted in the human body and the human body. Only materials that meet the biocompatibility requirements can become materials for ma...

By: AbleMed Date: 2023-09-12

How to choose five axis machining for medical equipment parts?

Five Axis Machining, as the name suggests, is a mode of CNC machining. The machine tool used for five axis machining is usually referred to as a five axis machine tool or a five axis machining center, using linear interpolation motion of any five coordinates in X, Y, Z, A, B, and C.The five axis manufacturing process is suitable for medical parts that requir...

By: AbleMed Date: 2023-09-10

Sept 2023 – 8th Sept 2023, The Birthday of KANOU PRECISION (Singapore) Pte Ltd / SGK

Since the registration of SGK in Dec 2022, and months of preparation with our CEO from office hunting, discussion with consultancy firms to renovation decisions, today 8th of September is a special day for SGK.We are pleased to announce that SGK now finally has its own physical office space to accommodate future employees, to receive customers, partners, vis

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